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Re: Looking down your nose disease

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Subject: Re: Looking down your nose disease
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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:20:31 -0000
RBBs look down on MGFs as a Johhny-come-lately.
MGFs look down on the Z-series for being saloons.

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Subject: Looking down your nose disease

> Troy said:
> It's a disease that is passed on from one generation of
> owners to the next.
> Pre-war owners look down on post war cars
> T series owners look down on MGAs
> MGA owners look down on MGBs
> MGB owners look down on MGFs
> MGF owners are too busy gluing chrome accents on their mid
> engine excuses
> for MGs to look down on anyone.
> Then Blake said:
> You missed some.
> TB owners look down on any other T type.
> TA, TB, TC and TF owners look down on TDs
> Chrome bumper MGB owners look down on RBBs
> Actually, Blake, I thought RBB MGB owners' looked down on ALL other MG's
> (since NITSA  required the higher ride height)!  Am I wrong?   ;---)

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