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Used to be: Re: Ranting, now off-topic chatting

To: "Paul Root" <>
Subject: Used to be: Re: Ranting, now off-topic chatting
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 09:23:57 -0600
   I always have a tough time with this one and usually end
it with a laugh.  You see, I don't differentiate 'little white lies'
from 'big fat black lies'.  A lie is a lie, independent of the
situation.  Read that to mean that I don't believe in variable
situation ethics.  It does make it tough some times.
   If we want to take this thread just one step further, one
should consider the 'source' of the comment and how it
plays into the interpretation.  For example, When your
grandmother says, "She has a darling little figure." it means
exactly the same thing as when your work-mate says,
"She's hot!" -- but that's not the interpretation. :-]
  And oh yea, I used to have a couple of MGs and I am
quasi-consulting with a good friend and fellow listemember,
Rui Gigante, on his MGA restoration.  Content requirement
   Happy Thursday!


> My brother and his wife came to our house for my son's birthday
> party. We'd just finished putting down wood chips in shurb area.
> She asked him, "Do you like the wood chips?"
> The answer, "I don't know." What am I supposed to think, I think
> was the end of the sentence. We had a good laugh.
> Rick Lindsay wrote:
> >    Eric, this is SOOOO true.  It's like when you have to go shopping
> > with your wife and she says, "Do you like this?"  She doesn't want
> > to know your opinion.  She has already formed her opinion.  She
> > wants you to tell her that her opinion is right.  Of course, that's
> > where
> > the double-edged-sword cuts you...  :-)
> >
> > rick
> >
> >
> >
> >>"One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree
> >
> > with
> >
> >>you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people's
> >>minds".
> >>                          Frank Zappa
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