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The answer to "Why are there no listers from China"?

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Subject: The answer to "Why are there no listers from China"?
From: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:28:36 -0500
Several listers have asked for this response so here goes. MG content in
item number two below.

1). The reason there are no listers from China, one of the largest
populated countries in the world, is because the Chinese government
doesn't allow their citizens the freedom to use the Internet and e-mail
as we do here in the USA and in other free countries like us.

The Chinese government severely restricts Internet usage with a strictly
enforced set of laws and regulations that the below snips only hints the
severity of. Violation of these laws are punishable by up to DEATH and
are considered "criminal" offences. In reality of actual practice, most
violators of this strictly enforced policy get 2-4 years of a criminal

China, wishing to minimize how they are perceived by the rest of the
world as far as human rights are concerned, does not come out and
publicly just say that their citizens cannot use the Internet. However,
though the following regulations the Chinese government virtually
eliminates/prohibits Internet usage by their citizens.

1n 1997 Chinese Public Security decreed that "all Internet users
register with a police bureau in their neighborhood within thirty days
of signing up with an ISP". Police stations in provinces and cities
followed up on this almost immediately. They also set up computer
investigation units. In December 1997, Article 5 of the "Computer
Information Network and Internet Security, Protection and Management
Regulations," issued by the Ministry of Public Security, states: 

No organization or individual may use telecommunications networks to
make, duplicate, issue, or disseminate information containing the

(1) Material that opposes the basic principles established by the

(2) Material that jeopardizes national security, reveals state secrets,
subverts state power, or undermines national unity; 

(3) Material that harms the prosperity and interests of the state; 

(4) Material that arouses ethnic animosities, ethnic discrimination, or
undermines ethnic solidarity; 

(5) Material that undermines state religious policies, or promotes cults
and feudal superstitions; 

(6) Material that spreads rumors, disturbs social order, or undermines
social stability; 

(7) Material that spreads obscenities, pornography, gambling, violence,
murder, terror, or instigates crime; 

(8) Material that insults or slanders others or violates the legal
rights and interests of others; 

(9) Material that has other contents prohibited by laws or
administrative regulations.

2). Another reason that there are no MG listers from China is that I'd
bet that there are not many MG enthusiast in China either, though I'm
not as sure about this as I am about subject number one. Because of
number one, I can't be positive. If a lister is able to communicate with
a mainland China MG owner living IN and driving IN China, please let me

NO. I am not a China expert. I happen to have a couple of good Chinese
friends though and I am familiar with some of their human rights (or
lack there of) policies.

We are so lucky to live in the wonderful country that we do! 

Jerry Erbesfield
73 Black Beauty B Roadster 

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