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Re: rear axle disassembly

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Subject: Re: rear axle disassembly
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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 10:55:03 -0000
The first task is to remove the hub by cracking the taper.  A puller should
do this, but I just used a pair of metal wedges between the back of the hub
and a couple of the back-plate bolts.  Once that is off remove the four
bolts securing the backplate and the bearing retainer.  Then loosely refit
the hub, and tapping at various points around the back of the hub should
remove the half-shaft and bearing with the bearing cap and oil-seal.

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Subject: rear axle disassembly

> Does anyone have tips or instructions on disassembling the MGB rear axle?
> This is the tubed type axle from a 72B.
> He indicates they cannot remove the axle shafts.

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