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SU Carb Rebuild Videos

Subject: SU Carb Rebuild Videos
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 07:30:47 EST
One of the things I intend to do this winter is rebuild my SU's.  Will 
definitely do the set for tthe 69B, and will most likely also get to the set 
for the 52 TD.  I would like to purchase one of the rebuild videos that's out 
there, and notice there are 2.

Moss carries The SU Carb Rebuild Video for $39.95.  It's a 2 hour 40 minute 

Vicky Brit carries Just SU Carb Video for $19.95 and it runs 4 hours.

So I ask, which is better (price aside, as well as feelings towards VB 
aside).  Has anybody viewed both?  What did you think?

Would appreciate any and all reviews of either video.

Steve in NJ

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