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worst job help please

Subject: worst job help please
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 19:57:53 EST
Hi List: As I will begin reassembly of my completely stripped chrome 74B in a 
few weeks I am very interested in this thread.
It looks like the windscreen should be one of the first things installed; 
well before the dash.
Would this be correct?

Anyone who might like to list "things that should be done in this order", 
would be very welcome to my email slot with their suggestions.
I have been fortunate to have restored several LBC;s including a Jaguar in 
the past few years, but each marque has its' own little tricks.
Any help in this vein would really be appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Dennis Barr
1974 early MGB "bare naked" 

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