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Was Goguen Auction - now Treasure Troves

Subject: Was Goguen Auction - now Treasure Troves
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 21:05:59 -0700
Similarly, Some local British car fans and I ran across a guy just last 
week that is getting up there and has a treasure trove of stuff just 
around the corner from me in Idaho Falls, ID.  We took some digital 
pictures for him of an MGA Coupe and a TR6 - They're supposet to be for 
sale on e-bay soon, and both were pretty nice - the TR6 even had air 
conditioning that wasn't a cobble job (looked like a factory add on). 
 He also had a really old dismantled rolls, a jag mkX, some engines of 
various sorts (at least two were jag engines), misc. american stuff, a 
couple MGB's in various states of dismantleship, and a triumph TR4 
sitting out in the weather - buches of other stuff too.  But the 
interesting thing was that in talking with the guy, he has a 1937 MG-TA 
at home.  He would part with any of it, but I get the idea he wants top 
dollar for everything he has.  We'll have to just see how the e-bay 
auctions are (i.e. where the reserves are set and/or where opening bid is).

Phil Bates
'58 MGA
'67 MGB
misc other stuff.

dave houser wrote:

>Ran up to see the auction in Wethersfield, CT on Saturday of some of the cars 
>that Jerry had in his museum in Westminister. The MGA 1600 with a 1622 engine 
>and grill went for $1000, a 63 B went for $2400, a 74 BGT bought new by Jerry 
>went for $3100, a 1953 Arnolt coupe went for $12,500, a 1953 Inskip TD went 
>for $12,800(cheap considering 3 known to exist) and a restored 1948 TC that 
>went for $19,900. All went without reserves.  Following the car auction was an 
>afternoon of automobilia, the least of which was MG related.  A sad passing of 
>one man's love of the hobby.

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