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Re: Future MG

To: dave houser <>
Subject: Re: Future MG
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 16:41:26 -0500
It's not particularly stately or elegant - just pure unadulterated 
power.  Looks like one of my son's transformer toys. :)  I bet it kicks 
ass, but it's a different category than what you would take for a nice fall 
ride on a back road to look at the leaves (unless you want to see them in 
your rear view mirror at 100+ mph).

I'll keep my '78 for the "atmosphere" of driving it.  This new one's got a 
different atmosphere altogether.

At 03:50 PM 11/5/02, dave houser wrote:
>If you  haven't seen the latest look in MG take a look at this scary beast!
>Dave Houser

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