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Re: Canvas vs. vinyl tops

Subject: Re: Canvas vs. vinyl tops
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:21:36 EST

Basically there are two grades of vinyl.  There is a budget grade which is a 
PVC vinyl and a standard vinyl which is a bit more durable and has a slightly 
different finish.  There is a cost difference as well.  The PVC vinyl will 
last about 5 years in normal use or longer (with our normal use it will last 
far longer though since we don't use the cars every day and put the top up 
and down).  The standard vinyl will last 5-10 years though not much longer as 
it will get brittle in time just like the PVC will.  Vinyl, either type, will 
shrink with cold weather and can be very difficult to put the top back up (I 
just had this experience last week ;))  Also when it has been down for a long 
period of time it will also be a bit more difficult to put up even in hot 

Canvas which is a Duck Material will last about 5 years or so as it is not 
sun treated.  It is the original material used on Stags and T Series cars as 
well as many others.  The newer (canvas like) version of hood materials are 
called Sunfast or Stayfast.  These can last for years and years and would be 
my choice for a hood, tonneau, top cover etc.  They will last 10 plus years 
if taken car of and have been known to last for 20 years or more in some 
cases.  It is very easy to put up in cold weather and hot weather alike and 
IMO looks great.  Cost can be about double vinyl but is well worth it.  
Another material that is treated is called Mohair and is similar to the 
Sunfast/Stayfast, but is a bit heavier material.

Hope this helps some.

Best Regards,

Jeff Zorn
Little British Car Co. / Vintage Motors, LTD.
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> Subj: Canvas vs. vinyl tops 
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> What are the relative virtues and drawbacks of canvas tops vs. vinyl
> tops (hoods) for issues such as maintenance, durability, long term
> looks, ease of installation, keeping out the elements and noise, etc.?
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