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New Guy with Crankshaft Question

Subject: New Guy with Crankshaft Question
From: Tim Hollister <>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 14:11:22 -0500
Hello Listers,

New guy here - been reading and enjoying the list for a few days now.

Was into LBC's 25-30 years ago and getting back into them again now. 
I've recently acquired two MG Midgets (one street and one for parts), 
another Midget and a Sprite for racing. (Both "street" cars have 1275 
engines and both race cars will have 948's)

My question is, "What is the going price on a used, serviceable stock 
(as in unmodified for racing) crankshaft for the BMC 948cc engine?"

Many thanks in advance,


Timothy (Tim) L. Hollister  
Waterford, MI  48329

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