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MG tech articles still accumulating

Subject: MG tech articles still accumulating
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 02:14:37 -0600
Good morning MG world,

I have been a busy beaver at the keyboard recently adding more tech pages 
to my web site.  Recent additions include:

Intermittent windscreen wipers
Engine to gearbox alignment
Crankcase ventilation
Declared value vs Agreed value insurance
1800 engine transplant to the MGA
Self tightening knockoffs
Alternate wheels
MGA restoration

The grand total is now over 270 pages of on-site MG tech information (my 3" 
binder just broke its rings) and links to a few dozen more related off-site 
pages, still with a one page index.  For the curious, start here:

Still accepting requests,

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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