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Re: Radio Antenna

To: ("Scott Regel"),
Subject: Re: Radio Antenna
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:25:08 -0500
In a message dated 11/12/2002 2:48:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> How hard is it to replace the radio antenna on a 76 B?  It broke off
> right at the base.  Has anyone had any luck or great 
> results with those
> little black rubber ones?

No experience with the little rubber jobs, but they would seem more at home on 
a Z3 than a B, in my opinion.
Otherwise, the replacement isn't hard.  If it is in the normal front fender 
(wing) position, the worst part is removing the little barrier behind the 
wheel--oh yeah, take the wheel off first--and then its a fairly simple plug and 
play proposition.  Take the opportunity playing around in the guts of your 
bodywork to note any building rust deposits, and kick yourself in the butt for 
not having Waxoyled it sooner. (No, wait.  That's me.)

Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang

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