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To: Kevin Smith <>,
Subject: Re: NAMGBR
From: David Deutsch <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:23:27 -0500
Hello Kevin,

It's GREAT to have you on board as a new North American MGB Register  member. 
It usually takes 4 - 6 weeks to process a mailed membership form. We have a new 
secure web page up and running at , use of this 
will usually cut time in half. Of course mailing or faxing is still an option 
as well. If you visit the web site be sure to check up our new MGB Driver 
index, MG 1100/1300, V8 MG and MG 2003 pages.  

I had an opportunity to preview the venue (s) for MG 2003, in St. Louis, just a 
few weeks ago and can tell you that it is going to be fantastic. I look forward 
to meeting you there.

There are alot of folks at NAMGBR working real hard to make the MG owning 
experience all it can B.  The MGB Driver publication is worth the cost of 
membership by it's self but the register is about a whole lot more than just a 
neat publication. 

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch
Chairman, NAMGBR      

Finally got my "Welcome aboard" packet in the mail.  Took a while, but they 
were reorganizing at the same time I sent in my application for membership.
   Love the little dash plaque.

I love the "MGB Driver" magazine.  It alone is worth the price of admission.
   Unlike large U.S. magazines or British magazines which are even larger, 
it is compact and easy to pocket or carry.

My wife saw the leaflet they sent concerning MG 2003 in St. Louis and she 
wants us to go next year.  What a great wife!  When I insist on having the 
'68 B finished in time to drive/show, I'll see just how badly she wants to 
go... ;)

Kevin Smith
'68 MGB Roadster (under slow restoration)
'72 MGB Roadster (rust growth experiment)

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