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Re: Double Duck Hoods

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Subject: Re: Double Duck Hoods
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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 13:38:28 -0000
Well, a duck's arse is water-tight, so a double-duck should be doubly so ...

They look good but need periodical treatment to retain the colour and water
repellant properties of the outer layer.  Some stains from bird (duck?) poo
may be difficult to remove without retreating.  There are at least two hood
manufacturers that claim OE status, as well as the MGOC.

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Subject: Double Duck Hoods

> Does anyone have experience with the "Double Duck" top (hood) covers on
> offer by MGOC?  Good buy, bad buy, durability, ease of installation,
> appearance, etc.?  I was thinking of getting one in tan before my
> membership expires.  Thanks!

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