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Re: Nice pair and the $25k MGB

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Subject: Re: Nice pair and the $25k MGB
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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 13:47:56 -0000
You sure?  They take away and crush old cars parked on the street without
current Road Tax.  My son keeps his BMW M Coupe in West Kensington.  We were
concerned for it but he showed us just how many exotics litter the streets,
his is nothing special.  He did find the door dented one day but reckoned it
was just kids pushing each other about for a lark as only the one panel was
affected (pavement side) and no scratches.

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Subject: Nice pair and the $25k MGB

> Someone obviously has good taste in cars.  I spent two weeks in London
> recently and stumbled across this unlikely pair in a South Kensington
> neighborhood.  The tax disc on the MG was way out of date...

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