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Subject: Re: MG Clothing
From: Steve Morris <>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 16:50:09 -0500
On 11/24/02 2:39 PM,  <> wrote:

>OK, Christmas and Chanukah are coming soon ---- does anyone know of a 
>(or catalogue location) that sells MGB (or just MG) shirts, sweatshirts, 
>caps, etc?  (Gift-seeking MG enthusiast wants to know)!


I can sure help out with this one! I highly recommend giving Ralph 
Jannelli a try at Fourth Gear Ltd. <>

They have embroidered logos and images of your car that you can get done 
in your color. Even multi-color. I have the red MGA sweatshirt for Deb 
and I, and a denim shirt. Very nice quality embroidery. I have on order a 
hat and shirt for my dad's birthday a MINI with white top and yellow 
body. No problem, says Ralph.

You can get large emblems on the back, an MG logo on one side and your 
car on the other, etc. The small cars are about 3" long and add $10 to 
the price of the clothing. The hat is $11 including an emblem. The 
sweatshirts are $9, and the short sleeve denim is $17, so prices are 

Also, don't forget Jeff Zorn at Little British Car Co <> 
His marque t-shirts are very nice and reasonably prices. The MGA one 
happens to be red, so I'm good to go there! Plus Jeff has a Thanksgiving 
week sale going on now.


Steve Morris     Avon, Ohio
1958 MGA 1500    Red/Black
NAMGAR #5987     BuckAyes Ohio Chapter
LoCo Brits       MG Drivers Club #5422

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