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Re: 240Z (that's 'Zed', not 'Zee")

Subject: Re: 240Z (that's 'Zed', not 'Zee")
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 20:22:35 -0600
On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 01:36 PM, wrote:

> In a message dated 11/24/02 11:23:20 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
>> Blake
>> 1972 240Z with original steel wheels and one slightly used
>> original tire in the boot.
> Man - you have to be one of the only guys to have original wheels - the 
> first
> thing anyone did when they bought these cars new was to replace the steel
> wheels with mags!

I can vouch for this.  Might as well also add an air dam, rear spoiler, and 
a rear window louver to the list.  And to somewhat add MGB subject matter,
  many folks ditched the finicky dual carbs for a single carb setup. :)


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