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Fuel pump switch

Subject: Fuel pump switch
From: David Tietz <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 09:51:35 -0500
One of the best theft-deterrents you can do. Putting a hidden on/off 
switch on the fuel pump requires a car thief to tow away your car if 
they want to steal it. It also allows you to switch off the pump in 
case of an accident/problem. The car will start and run for almost a 
minute on the fuel in the carb bowl(s) which can be dangerous for you 

I put a small Radio Shack buzzer across the switch leads (in the 
proper polarity) to remind me to switch it on (it buzzes when you 
turn the ignition key on, but the fuel pump is switched off) so I 
don't start to pull out in traffic only to have the engine die.

It's easy to install on a MGB, I have it on all my cars.

Dave Tietz - 1970 MGB

Charles & Peggy Robinson wrote:

   What's this about flipping the pump on and off?  Has someone added a
switch into the pump power circuit?



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