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RE: Lindsay Porter & RE: Questions(s)

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Subject: RE: Lindsay Porter & RE: Questions(s)
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Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 09:00:01 -0600
Carl / Andrew / Others

Thanks for the suggestions and advice.  You're probably right, I'd best
spend a little more and get one in better condition.  Having been burnt on
one, I am VERY reluctant to buy one site unseen, and not too many come up
for sale in my neck of the woods (middle of the Canadian prairies); so I
guess I get a little impatient.  Patience is the key word (I'll have to make
myself a sign ... ).

Carl - I've put a bid in on the book, sounds like a good on to have.


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|If you are in the states, there are lots more MGBs out there is better
|condition.  I'd find one.
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|There is one. 14 hours left with no bids at 10:44 eastern time.

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