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Re: winter in Oz (was "garage heater advice")

Subject: Re: winter in Oz (was "garage heater advice")
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 02:24:26 +1030
"Telewest (PH)" wrote:
> Yeah, but how could you get it so wrong and end up with Christmas in the
> summer ...


How could you go down to the beach for Christmas lunch in Winter?

As a kid this was always the Christmas treat, especially as we had new
beach towels and bathers and snorkels and flippers and totem tennis
sets, etc, etc, to try out.

What a difference a hemisphere makes, eh?

And remember, I drive my 'B topdown 12 months of the year (sometimes I
get wet - but that is why we have these cars, isn't it... to get a
little closer to nature :-) ??

Have a nice, warming brandy for me, y'all!

'85 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas
Adelaide, South Australia

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