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Wanted: MGC GT

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Subject: Wanted: MGC GT
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 08:55:35 -0800

I drove my MGB race car to work today so it would have a chance to dry out
after a rain storm last weekend.  It's trailer is full of household stuff
still from moving, so the poor thing has to sit in the field with the horse.
The two of them seem to get on together well.  Both aging, over the hill
competitors.  But I digress.

After pouring 3 quarts of oil into the sump, and roaring off in a cloud of
white smoke, I started thinking.  Or perhaps it was Carbon Monoxide
poisoning.  One of my long term dream projects is to build a visual replica
of a MGC GT GTS.  For which, I have accumulated wheels, fenders, Bonnet, RHD
steel dash, R & P, pedals etc. and a (thank you again) donated 66 MGB GT (in
poor condition).  The original concept was to shovel a V8 under the hood and
call it good.

So, anyways, I think the Carbon Monoxide got to me, because I came to the
conclusion that if I'm going to be doing all this work perhaps it might be a
better idea to start with a real MGC GT rather than pratting about with the

Hence this e-mail.  No rush, since as earlier pointed out this is a
l--o--n--g  term project.  But if anyone runs across an MGC GT that is in
tatty (read cheap) condition, preferably within reasonable weekend towing
distance of Los Angeles could you give me a heads up?

Preferably in:

Running Condition.  As opposed to broken/seized/missing engine.
Auto trans. would be fine.  Obviously manual OD pref.
Brakes not important.  Mostly the servos give out.
Interior not important
Front fenders and dogleg damage ok.  Prefer good rockers.
NO windshield surround rust.  Tailgate rust ok.

I'd be ok with a rolling shell only and will give back the rear end if
someone picked up a parts car for the high ratio diff.  But it would have to
be cheap.



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