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RE: Dyno tuning a blown MGB

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Subject: RE: Dyno tuning a blown MGB
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:45:23 -0500

One of the other things you may want to do is to build up the head gasket. I
have a jig I use for the 948 engines I ran. If you peal back the copper fold
around the cylinder holes and lay in some additional .005 inch copper wire,
the heads will handle the increased pressure much better. 

Nick Ehinger

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Hi Larry,

  Sounds like you've had fun, sorta.  (BG)  You can bet that the head is
warped.  Take it and get it trued.  Any time a head gaske blows, the
head needs to be checked by a competent machine shop.    Since you
overheatd it, I suggest you have the shop take a look at the exhaust
valves & seats too.  Having it magnafluxed might be a good idea.  If you
didn't chamfer the stud holes in the block before, this is a good time
to do it.

  Have you thought about installing racing head studs & nuts?



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