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Airplane powered cars - was bad taste

Subject: Airplane powered cars - was bad taste
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:20:42 US/Mountain
Those things may be bad taste, but the power is pretty awesome.  My dad 
knew Art Arfons - he was the first guy to put a jet engine in a car.  He 
held several records in his lifetime, and still holds one for some odd 
thing like fastest drive in an open car.  I've heard some pretty odd 
stories on Art - and I think he is still around and kicking (but no longer 
driving jet powered cars).

This may actually belong on the british cars list, not mgs, but I thought 
I'd contribute to the discussion.  It is a british team that currently 
holds the land speed record, just over mach one.

Phil Bates
'58 MGA
'67 MGB

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