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Subject: Grassroots Motorsport Magazine
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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 15:28:03 -0500
---------------->  Good magazine for amateur racing, great technical
articles on shocks, springs, sway bars, brakes.  Written as to be

Also, about half the GRM issues have an article about B's.  Past articles
have included B preparation for road racing, a B-GT that successfully
performance rally races, and currently, the previously mentioned series of
articles on B tuning for performance.  I would get the magazine even if it
didn't have so much about B's.  It is the only car magazine that focuses on
cars we could really own in real life - and from a real grownup's
perspective - most of the time, anyway ;-).  I don't even think it holds
interest exclusively for racers, as most of the tech articles address real
world roadability of various cars and possible modifications.  I recommend
the magazine to any motorhead type; I think they offer a free trial issue
online at the above web address.
Dean (no financial interest despite my over-the-top rave review might

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