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Need to Sell Automobilia

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Subject: Need to Sell Automobilia
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 22:46:07 -0500
I hope no one feels this is commercial use of the Digest bandwidth.  But...

As I walked through my basement tonight & looked at the boxes of auto dealer
brochures, press kits & other odds and ends in my collection, I realized it
is going to cost too much to move when we leave the northeast.  SO,... it
has to go.  What I don't sell (at reasonable prices) will go to a low price
auction, or be dumped.  SO, if you have any interest, take a look.  And,
then drop a line via email.  Let me know what you would like, make an offer.

To get an idea of what I have, go to:  and
This site hasn't been active in a while and I may have to spend some time &
money to get it going again.  But, at least you will get some idea of what's
sitting around here.  It includes literature on Alfa, Ferrari, Porsche, MG,
BMW & many more marques.

In addition, I have somewhere in the vicinity of 600 items among the dealer
brochure & manufacturer press kits.  For a list in Excel, email me off-list.

What I haven't cataloged are the cases of car magazines going back to the
1950's.  Yipe!  What a chore that would be.  Anyone want to make an offer
for all?  Bring a truck

Norm Sippel
MG, Alfa, Turner, Saab

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