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Re: Is a relay needed in a fog light installation

Subject: Re: Is a relay needed in a fog light installation
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 11:34:06 -0500

use a switch and a relay.  Do not direct wire them to your headlilghts for two 

Most fog lights are not for use on the highway and should be turned off with on 
comming traffic.
Many fog lights will make it more difficult to see in snow conditions when they 
reflect back.

A relay may be used to shorten the power wiring and provide more power direct 
to the lights, 
not threw the switch.

My 2cents

12/22/02 10:50:33 AM, wrote:

>Happy Holidays, all.
>As it is better to give than receive, I have decided to give myself a break 
>and take advantage of the Moss sale to cop some fog lights.  My 
>question--which I took to the archive with no joy--is do you use a relay when 
>wiring the lights, and if so, how?  I understand about the low beam/side lamp 
>circuit debate, but beyond that, do you direct-wire them into the lighting 
>circuit, or use a replay?
>Jay Donoghue
>66 Mustang

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