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It lives....sort of

To: mgs <>
Subject: It lives....sort of
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 16:34:36 -0700
Its been almost two years since I started my most ambitious project - the 
frame up restoration of a 72B starting with the 72B parts car (no 
drivetrain) and the remnants of my rusted 71BGT.

Its has been inching forward and  nears completion. Today, I started the 
engine for its first time. Unlike my previous two engine rebuilds, this one 
did not start up right away. But after it started, ran briefly, and then 
died, I noticed a pool of oil and anti-freeze under the car. But what 
looked grim momentarily turned out to not be too bad (I think). The oil 
came from the oil pressure hose not being tightened on the engine block. 
That was an easy fix. But the antifreeze turned out to be coming from the 
thermostat area, squirting out from the side of one of the bolts. I went 
ahead and started the engine back up to break it in despite the antifreeze 
leak. I followed Lawrie's instructions to run the engine for about 20 
minutes to break in the cam & tappets. Then I retorqued the head and 
readjusted the valve clearances.

I then took off the thermostat housing cover (if that is what it is 
called). It looks like the weird leak is due to the fact that the DPO of 
the head or maybe a machine shop bored out the stud and left a nice groove 
on the side. Anyway, this groove is large enough to allow antifreeze to 
flow up the side and out the top of the bolt (the lockwasher also giving an 
opening). Now the question is deciding on the fix. JBWeld the gap and then 
run a 5/16" tap through? Or?

The key was to get the car started which I did. Tach and water temp gauge 
do not work but oil pressure (mechanical) and fuel do. So a few more 
weekends of work probably remain. I just figured it was time to come in 
where its warm and have a Moose Drool (a local dark ale), worry about the 
minor details later.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

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