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Re: My Christmas wish came true (LIC)

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Subject: Re: My Christmas wish came true (LIC)
From: David Woerpel <>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 12:49:42 -0600
Ho, Ho, Ho!!  The new generation "8" reindeer!  As a bonus question to 
my students, I have them name the 12 reindeer ( :-D , can YOU do it?). 
 Now there are 13!!  (Enzo)

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season; for those of you that got dumped 
on, are getting dumped on, and will be dumped on,
Be Careful out there; don't want to read about LBC's in an estate sale!

59 :{)
59 MGA 1500

Frank Clarici wrote:

>Every year on the top of my Christmas list is 1 red Ferrari (a real one)
>Well just a bit ago, outside comes this red Ferrari 308.
>A guy gets out and starts looking at a couple LBCs I have outside the
>fence. I jokingly say Oh, my Christmas present arrived early. He laughed
>but he did give me a ride. Then he says, take it for a spin, I never
>heard it drive by. I want to hear how it sounds. And DON"T baby it! So I
>drove by my house at 95 mph in 3rd gear so he could hear how his car
>Well this total stranger just made my Christmas by letting me drive his
>LIC (little Italian Car) He also told me about country colors that were
>designated in 1885. British Racing Green, Italian Racin Red, French
>Blue, German silver, etc. Something I never knew.
>Merry Christmas to all.
>Frank (still smiling)

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