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Re: In need of an OD Gearbox

To: "Plant, Keith GSE-12 \(NSAGAETA N6\)" <>,
Subject: Re: In need of an OD Gearbox
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 07:52:25 -0700
I have three gearboxes with LH overdrives that I would like to sell.
Currently, they are all in unknown condition; one supposedly was taken out
of a running car and was working well but the chap who sold them to me
delivered them one day when I wasn't there and he failed to mark which was
the good one! Since they all look alike, clearly the only logical thing for
me to do is offer them as "overhauled & tested". I will rebuild the gearbox
portion as needed and I will sublet the overdrive overhaul and testing to
someone who has the necessary expertise and testing equipment. When finished
I'd like to get $1,250 for each of them. Will I sell them "as is"; make me
an offer and we'll see.......

British Sportscar Center

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From: "Plant, Keith GSE-12 (NSAGAETA N6)" <>
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Subject: In need of an OD Gearbox

> Does anyone have an OD Gearbox they would be interested in parting with?
> had won an auction on Ebay from a Mr. Mike Sweeny of England for 89
> Pounds, but unfortunately, Mr. Sweeny disappeared after he received my
> payment and because I'm overseas and it took a while to try to figure out
> the shipping, Paypal and Ebay both refuse to assist me.
> Thanks in advance.
> Keith
> '69 MGB Roadster

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