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Re: Wheel Bearings fixed

To: Mgs@Autox.Team.Net,
Subject: Re: Wheel Bearings fixed
From: David Deutsch <>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 00:25:36 -0400
Jim, glad I was able to help. It's always good to talk w/ you. See you at 
"Brits at Mercer" in Doylestown, PA on Saturday.

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch

Subject: Wheel Bearings fixed

> Listers,
> Thanks to a phone call 5 minutes after I sent my email, I got a call from
> David Deutsch and a well deserved scolding.  I made the assumption since 
> my
> old bearings had 2 shims in, that I should start from there and fit the 
> new
> bearings. Dah!
> With new bearings in, I now have started with no shims and have a tight 
> wheel
> and can add one thin shim and see if I can get a free wheeling tire. 
> Thanks
> Dave for the help!
> Jim
> 69C
> 70B

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