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Re: FW: MGB Illustrations

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net;
Subject: Re: FW: MGB Illustrations
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 12:13:39 EDT
Really nice website, Jerry...! So, let me get this straight as far as  you 
know these clip art images are all considered to be public domain? And  as long 
as I use them for something that is considered to be not-for-profit, or  
entirely for ones private use or enjoyment as a "non profit"  item, then it is 
to take them off of your MG page? That's my understanding of  the meaning or 
reason for the images to be considered "Public Domain" another  litmus test 
would be the obvious use or application of the phrase  "Copyright _ _ _ _ all 
rights reserved. Or a little "c" in the middle of a  circle or round border, 
is called a "bug" and indicates that the usage  or duplication is prohibited 
unless you first obtain the permission of  whoever is responsible for the art, 
photo or image.  Either way thank  you for making all of your hard work 
availible to the average dolt, like  myself...I bet your loving that Corvette, 
It's got just a wee bit more kick  than your faithfull old 1973 MGB "Black  
Albert  Escalante
Owner 1977  Jaguar XJ-6L, 1978 MGB
Central Coast British Car Club-Ventura,  CA.

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