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Bosch alternator conversion notes

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Subject: Bosch alternator conversion notes
From: "Frank Marrone" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 13:47:13 -0700
I performed the Bosch alternator conversion as detailed at;

I purchased my alternator a Kragen Auto Parts in Cloverdale, California.  It
is available on-line at;

I got the Autolite Import 13107 remanufactured alternator for a 1980 Ford

This was not in stock locally but it took only 1 day to get one from the

This alternator is rated at 55 amps.  It came with a compatible v-belt
pulley installed.

I had to tap the bushing in the rear mounting hole of the alternator forward
to reverse its orientation.  Originally it was sticking out the back side of
the mounting hole and I needed it to stick out the front side of the hole.
Otherwise this alternator was a perfect fit.  The belt alignment was spot

I was able to reuse the OEM alternator connector.  I removed the sense wire
connection from the OEM connector housing and carefully unsoldered the wire
from the connector.  I was not able to save the crimp elements of the
original connector but I soldered the new #10 wire onto the old terminal
solidly and I was able to reuse the original terminal wire strain relief
tabs to give some extra support for the new wire.  I then place the
connector terminal back into the OEM housing.  I connected the new #10 brown
wire to the starter terminal per Bobs instructions.  The OEM alternator
connector fits perfectly in the new alternator, the only difference is that
it is rotated, the wires exit toward the engine, which seems to cause no

I verified that the sense connection was not needed with the new alternator
using a voltmeter.  It made no difference to the system charging voltage
whether the sense wire was connected or not.  This alternator appears to be
self-sensing like Bob described.  I went ahead and put a female quick
disconnect terminal on the original sense wire and plugged it into the
alternator anyway.  I figured might as well kill two birds with one stone;
secure the original sense wire and insulate the sense output terminal of the
alternator against shorting.

One note on Bob's instructions;  The large tab on the alternator is 3/8" not
5/16".  However,  the starter lug is 5/16" and you need a ring terminal for
a 5/16" stud on the other end of the new #10 wire.

'73 GT

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