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Re: Fw: 1979 Austin Mini, red/ white FRAUD LIKELY ?

To: Malcolm Jeffcock <>
Subject: Re: Fw: 1979 Austin Mini, red/ white FRAUD LIKELY ?
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 21:54:15 -0500
Find some pictures of a Yugo on the web, and send them to them.  Ask 
them for comments on the photos as to whether it is in good enough 
condition.  If you get a reply saying it looks acceptable, then you 
know its a scam.


On Sunday, October 10, 2004, at 09:08  PM, Malcolm Jeffcock wrote:

> Hello listers:
>                 last week someone askd about frauds. Look at the email 
> I got today from someone claining to be in London wanting to but sight 
> unseen my Mini in Nova about "coals to Newcastle!". 
> Might be more believeable if I was selling an old Mustand or 'Cuda a 
> US muscle car rare in Europe. I might be walking away from a good 
> offer but I can't see my Mini being wanted in the UK !
>          Malcolm
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> Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2004 9:16 PM
> Subject: 1979 Austin Mini, red/ white
> Sir/Madam.
>       I am Kris Mayor,Sales manager for Winger Law procurement 
> (WLP)Lcated in Plot 209/210 Sussex London.We specialise in purchase of
> Autos(Car,Bike,Boat and Equipment) for customers here in Europe,and we 
> get paid in commission,after payment has been confirmed by the seller 
> to the buyer.I write you on behalf of our client to contact you and 
> arrange for the buying and shippment of your Vehicle which our client 
> saw on the internet,we would like to know the conditions of the said 
> car and probably arrange for payment to getto you and shippment.My 
> customer interested in purchasing your car mentioned above for the sum 
> of $5,500,and we will arrange for the pickup of the car once
> payment is confirmed cleared by you. Please acknowledge the offer and 
> we will inform the buyer of your confirmation of acceptance to sell 
> and have the funds remitted to you as soon aspossible ,and i'll like 
> this transaction to be kept in utmost trust.I hope you can understand.
> Hope to hear from you soon.
> Kris.
> N:B:send the pictures of the CAR via email

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