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Re: 1967 mg midget

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Subject: Re: 1967 mg midget
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 00:52:57 +1030
Rick Brown wrote:
> Not being a Midget owner perhaps someone on the list can answer Dean's
> question - please reply directly to him at and do not
> copy the list.
>> would appreciate if you could tell me if a 1967 mg midget for the american
>> market was fitted with a collapsable steering column

I know I am not answering to the person's e-mail address but this is
only because I don't know the answer.  In fact, doing some research via
Google I found this:

"Automobiles and safety had become a very big issue in the States and
new legislation was introduced starting with the Clean Air Act of 1963
which was designed to reduce vehicle emissions and then in 1966 the
National Highways Traffic Safety Act to deal with traffic accidents.
This was to have a major impact on car manufacturers and MG had to
rapidly comply with these new demands in order to stay in the US

"A number of features were quickly introduced, an energy absorbing
dashboard was devised for the American specification cars, while the
long eared wire wheel knock-ons were replaced with octagonal style
spinners, seat-belts and head restraints were fitted along  with a
collapsible steering column. "

So how quickly did these features hit the market?  

My 1968 Californian-delivered 'B had the "octagonal style spinners" but
that is the only thing it had that was listed there (it only had lap
belts), hence my thoughts that a '67 Midget might not have had the
collapsible steering column.

Adelaide, South Australia

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