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Re: factory hard top

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Subject: Re: factory hard top
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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 01:54:09 -0400
According to all the vendor ads the factory top should fit all years. Maybe 
the seals you have are too small? Where did you purchase them?
Mine just barely seals. But I used a set of lower door seals for the windows 
and *slid* them down just a little bit where they clamp over the top sides. 
The rear part of the glass seals very good.

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Subject: factory hard top

>I just finished putting new windows and seals all round in a factory hard
> top that came with our 67B. This hardtop was purchased with the 67 and I
> drove it back to Missouri from Seattle. On the way back from Seattle, the
> hardtop leaked a little and lacked the side locating brackets, but
> everything else seemed to be fine.  I fitted new parts to it so I could 
> put
> it on the 79B for the Missouri winters. It does not fit the 79. The 
> windows
> have at least a half inch gap at the top before they would touch the 
> seals.
> I turned the header seal around and still had the same problem. I even
> pulled the new header seal clear off and clamped the hardtop to the
> windshield, and it still has a huge gap at the window tops.
> Were the factory hardtops designed to fit the early B's but not the rubber
> bumpers? I didn't think there was any difference between the bodies of the
> two cars.
> Puzzled,
> Monte 

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