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windshield frame

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Subject: windshield frame
From: "bernd" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 00:13:12 -0400
Here is another one of my goof ups where I have to come to the list to
straighten me out.
Today I took the windshield frame apart on my 71 "B", the problem arose when I
buggerd up on of the brackets (pillar to bottom rail), feeling comfort in the
knowledge that I could order a replacement bracket from Moss I went to the
catalog just to find out that there is a difference in right and left
brackets, not having marked the brackets I lost track of which is which,
rather than order two new brackets, I really just need one, can anyone tell me
which is which,.
It appears that there are numbers on the brackets one is numbered 4 the other
is numbered  5, as always thanks to all who contemplate answering this fiasco
of mine.
By the way the brackets are listed in Moss catalog on page 67 as item number
20 part number 408-040 and 408-050.

71 MGB

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