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RE: New MGBGT V8 - Independant Rear Suspension Pictures

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Subject: RE: New MGBGT V8 - Independant Rear Suspension Pictures
From: "Gordie's Garage" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 21:07:29 -0400
That's a pretty interesting setup.  Sure makes the installation of the cross
member kind of a non-issue!
Pretty cool car, but how does it drive?

Safety Fast!

Gordie Bird
'62 MGA

> I've added some pictures of the Independant Rear Suspension (IRS) that
> is on the '67 MGB GT, that I got last weekend, to the bottom of the web
> page.  The pictures show a little how the Corvair transaxle is mounted.
> The car still has the stock gas tank; however, the centers of the
> battery boxes were cut out and the fuel pump was relocated.  I bet there
> are not a whole lot of IRS equipped MGBs out there - the amazing thing
> is you cant tell from the outside - unless you look underneath.  I've
> also added a few shots of how the drive shaft comes off of the back of
> the engine, where the guy rigged the a clutch housing, before going back
> to the transaxle.  The car has a mechanical clutch (and dual brake
> master cylinders).  I took these pictures while laying on the ground
> under the car, some day I will get it on a lift with better ones.  Here
> is the link again:
> <>
> Kevin

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