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fried wiring; sequel

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Subject: fried wiring; sequel
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 21:14:50 -0500
I may have identified (actually Paul did) the problem that fried the brown
wire running from the main loom between the multi-plugs on the 79B. When I
removed the ignition switch from the steering lock mechanism, the end with
the wires soldered to it fell into my hand along with a bunch of little
springs and a bearing. Hopefully this was the problem. I checked the brown
wires coming off the starter and they seem to be fine, as well as the other
wiring in the vicinity of the brown wire that fried.

FIRST QUESTION: if the ignition switch was the problem, why would it fry the
brown wire  BETWEEN the multiplugs and not the brown wire leading from the
ignition switch to the first multiplug?
SECOND QUESTION: I have taken the ignition switch (with mostly intact
wiring) off the 74B parts car and it will fit fine (and hopefully save me
$80 for a new one). I will need to cut the plastic plug off the switch
wiring and also off the wiring that it plugs into since some of the
connections inside plugs are damaged. I have some new male and female
plug-in type connectors that I got at Auto Zone that work somewhat like the
original ones on the car but they are designed to be crimped on. I suppose I
should crimp them and solder them too? If so, what type of solder would I
use for this? Do I need to use some type of flux before I solder? What is
the best method to hold the wires together while you solder them-especially
since they will be hanging beneath the dash? It seems that any time I pick
up a solder gun, I have trouble getting the solder to "stick" and I never
seem to have enough hands.
THIRD QUESTION: without reconnecting the battery cables, how can I test my
main light switch to see if it was damaged? I have a multimeter with
continuity capacity but wouldn't know how to use it for this.
Hopefully I'll be back on the road this week.

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