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Re: TD Carbs

To: "Mike Razor" <>
Subject: Re: TD Carbs
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:44:28 -0600 (MDT)
Take out float - dry float - heat gently (and carefully - fuel is flamable
afterall).  As the fluid in the float expands, it will have to come out a
hole somewhere either as vapor or as liquid.  This will show you where the
hole is.  Soldier it closed (again carefully) after you get all the fuel
out of the float. If the hole is a pinhole, and you need to open it up to
get the fuel out of the float, you may drill a small hole (less than 1/8
inch) at the hole and fill that with soldier.

Phil Bates

> Went to start the old gal up and let it idle for a few before taking it
> for
> a short drive.  Went to back the Chevy out of the way and the TD died.  It
> was also gushing gas out of the front carb.  Got that stopped, sort of,
> and
> then the old gal would not start.  It would crank just fine and acted like
> it wanted to catch but would not.  Turned the key on again this morning
> and
> it started gushing fuel so I did not try and start her up.  Pulled the
> float
> bowl tops off and the floats out.  There was a small amount of crud in the
> bottom of both bowls, don't know how it got there, I have an in-line fuel
> filter between the gas tank and the fuel pump.  Also, the float from the
> front carb has gasoline inside of it yet it was floating on top of the
> float
> bowl.  I suspect that is the reason fuel was gushing out of the front
> carb;
> back carb was not gushing fuel.
> I don't understand why she won't start and why I have crud in the carbs,
> can't find a hole in the float.  How can one find a hole in the float and
> can it be fixed.  Not just too tight to buy a new float but also wanted to
> drive the TD this weekend on a tour.
> Thanks!
> Mike

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