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Electric Question

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Subject: Electric Question
From: "Ray Graham" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 17:56:55 -0500
1.         My 66 MGB has developed an electric problem in a couple weeks
ago.  Unless the engine is revved up.the headlights, dashlights and turn
signals won't burn.  As the RPM drops the lights slowly dim and go out
completely.rev up the engine and they all come back on??
Any ideas what the problem could be?  I replaced the voltage
regulator.did not make any difference.
2.         Can't seem to get my driver side door adjusted to close is hanging too do you raise it to the correct
3.      Having a problem wiring a high side horn.  Appears that the high
side is in sequence to the low side.which works fine.can't seem to find
the right combination of pos/neg.  Ideas?
Group:  As you can tell I am a first time B owner without a lot of
mechanical aptitude.  Assistance appreciated.
Ray Graham
66 MGB Mk I

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