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Re: HS4 float chamber seal

To: Barney Gaylord <>
Subject: Re: HS4 float chamber seal
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 20:46:11 +0930
Ladies and gentlemen,

For your amusement... the saga goes on...

I originally wrote:

> It seems I may need to replace the seal on the outlet pipe (to the 
> needle assembly) on the bottom of the front float chamber.  Well, this 
> is where all the fuel is pouring out.  I guess it could be something 
> more disasterous.

and after some VERY helpful suggestions I FIXED IT!

Now, getting the car ready for competition this weekend and... hey, 
what's that smell?  Surely it is just residue from the previous fuel 
leakage?  Nope - maybe it was all the fiddling with that little hose at 
the float bowl end but guess what - yep, now I had leakage from the 
carby/jet end!!!  No competition for me as it was too late to repair in 
time on the morning of the event and scrutineers HATE fuel leakages 
(and rightfully so).

So now I return to Barney's earlier mail where he was talking about the 
"wrong" end of the fitting - now it is the RIGHT  end.

On 25 Apr 2005, at 4:14 PM, Barney Gaylord wrote:
> By the book, the hose and jet is a service assembly to be replaced as 
> one, but sometimes you can cheat the devil and put it back together.  
> If it drips a little you have a sealing problem.  If it gushes you 
> have a disconnected hose.
> You can replace the jet and hose without removing the carb.  It is not 
> particularly easy to R&R the choke linkage in situ, but may be quicker 
> to reconnect the hose without disturbing the choke linkage (don't 
> remove the jet).  Any of this would be near impossible without 
> removing the air cleaners.
> I did it once last summer for an MGB stranded during a rally, and 
> succeeded on the first try.  Well maybe it was the second or third 
> try, but at least on the first job.

OK, I picked up the whole fitting (hose and jet) from my mechanic and 
will replace it entirely - luckily now I have had practice refitting 
the floatbowl end of the hose... maybe this was all just meant to be 
"good practice".


'68 MGB mkII
Adelaide, South Australia

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