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Wire wheels, rubber bands, and flats

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Subject: Wire wheels, rubber bands, and flats
From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 09:37:14 -0700
Last summer I finally gave up on my 40 year old wire wheels.  They were all
quite loose, and the spokes couldn't be adjusted since they were all rusty.


I found that flats were being caused by the rusty loose spokes in the
outside of the rim poking and rubbing on the tube, not the center spokes,
which I had a rubber band over.  BTW, cutting a band from the inner side of
one of your old inner tubes works fine for this.


I bought a set of the top of the line chrome/stainless spoke Daytona's from
BWW, and it's the best thing I've ever done for the car!  These are sealed
with a thick layer of silicone seal, and run a modern tubeless tire.  What a
joy now to drive on the freeway, no more shaking like a wheel is going to
fall off.  


If you get a set, you will have to apply silicone seal inside the hubs to
keep the spokes clean, they don't do that for you.


$1000 for wheels after 40 years isn't too bad, but now I have to restore the
rest of the car to match the shiny new wheels!  


Stuart MacMillan

'65 MGB  with new shoes (and not much else new)

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