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Re: Windscreen washer

Subject: Re: Windscreen washer
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 11:47:26 EDT
I don't think there was much difference between US and UK MGBs by then, at  
least in this area.  If not, the squirter should be activated by a push-in  at 
the end of the wiper speed control stalk, coming out of the right side of the  
steering wheel cowl.  However, these stalks were/are prone to failure, so  I, 
too, have a push button on my console for the squirter.  Now that I  replaced 
the stalk I have two ways to wet my windshield until I get around to  taking 
out the console button, which in my cast is spring-loaded to off.
All this verbage is wasted if UK Bs were different in that setup.
Jay Donoghue
72 BGT
66 Mustang
In a message dated 5/4/2005 11:41:13 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

I think  a DPO has done something odd with the windscreen washer on the BGT  I
acquired last weekend, but I'm not sure what.  This is a UK BGT,  built in
Feb '73.

Symptoms are on the row of switches below the dash  vents in the centre of my
dash.  From left to right I have:
Rocker  switch for the fan - single speed (fine)
Three-position rocker switch with  the logo roughly scratched off the middle.
Central position makes the  electric pump for the windscreen squirter run -
and the switch stays there  if you let go.  Can't be right.
Circular hole in the middle with  nothing in it.
Rocker switch for windscreen wipers - fine
Choke knob -  fine

So - what's going on?  What should go in the round hole in  the middle - a
push button for a manual windscreen squirter?  My  wiring diagram doesn't
show an electric washer motor, so would my car have  had a manual pump
initally?  If so, what should have been there  between the electric fan
switch and the windscreen washer pump?

Or  is the electric washer pump correct?  In which case, I guess the  only
thing wrong is that someone has installed "an old switch they had  lying
around", presumably in place of a broken original switch.  If  this is the
case, what should be in the round hole in the  middle?

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