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Is THIS the end of The Sacred Octagon?

Subject: Is THIS the end of The Sacred Octagon?
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 16:17:11 EDT
To all.....

[May 3rd, '05-Ventura, CA] Last night members of The Central Coast
British Car Club heard the latest news about the travesty that has
transpired with the closing of MG/Rover. We were given the report by
Mr. MG himself, Ken Smith, co-editor of Classic MG Magazine. His talk
was in regards to MG/Rovers present deep financial problems, and what
little hopes if any remain for the jobs of some 6000 plus ex-MG/Rover
plant employees.  He also touched on the problems faced by many
thousands of others around Longbridge, people whose business's will
either be totally wiped out, because they depend on the money spent by
these MG/Rover workers, or the orders that the company itself placed
as part of it's once seemingly thriving business. In fact this has
pretty much sounded a death knell to an area that until recently was
considered to be the heart and soul of what was once the flourishing
West Midlands section of Great Britain's industrial empire, now in
tatters. Many ancillary business such as cafes, entertainment area
beauty shops and even grocery stores all face the same bleak and
steadily darkening future. It just doesn't look good nor does there
seem to be any immediate relief or easy "fix" available at this time,
or anytime soon, contrary to many earlier reports. In fact, The
company has gone bust and the debts total some one thousand million
POUNDS! No new cars will be built & the factory is dark. Over 6000
workers have lost their jobs & none of the suppliers have been
paid. All new car warranties are now void and new MGs are being sold
for half price.  The 4 directors of Phoenix Holdings have made out
like bandits, skimming off some $200 million into their own slimy
pockets. The government have ordered an inquiry into the collapse but
they were aware of this dire situation some months ago-and did nothing
at all! So, as of now..MG and Rover are both pretty much... DOA!
Displaced ex-MG/Rover workers and employees, many of whom are close
personal friends of both Ken Smith and his wife, Barby have talked to
them and related many poignant tales and anecdotes, which if they'd
happened under less tragic circumstances would appear almost
humorous. Take the fellow who had been slated to retire after 35 years
of faithful service as an MG employee. His retirement sendoff had been
arranged and was ready to take place with a presentation of a gold
watch as presented to all long time MG employees. Then, came the
closure of the plant and all plans were changed. In fact this fellows
gold watch, which had already been engraved (recording the mans tenure
at MG) was swooped up by the Receivers, the people sent to
administrate the plants closure. Another 50-year-old assembly worker
who'd been an employee at the factory for 17 years, said a suspension
of production on Thursday Apr. 7th, 2005, marked... "the beginning of
the end".  A couple of days after the sudden unannounced cessation of
all work at the MG/Rover factory in Longbridge many of the workers
were still in shock.  Because both MG and Rover had been in business
since the early part of the 20th Century. It had survived two World
Wars, numerous depressions, the Oil crisis's of the 1970's and '80's,
the collapse of BMC/British Leyland and the failures of the majority
of a once vital and thriving British Auto Industry. Almost everyone
that is involved with British Cars has always thought of MG as an
institution so established that it would never collapse..or so it
seemed, until now. Still Ken Smith was able to end his MG/Rover
Obituary with some brighter news. It seems that Moss Motors, where Ken
has worked since being hired by Al Moss over 30 years ago, has
dispatched a representative to see if there is anything that they can
do to help soften the blow to the enthusiast market. So there may
still be some good if not much to come of this unfortunate and sad,
sad time.  So Sad....

Albert Escalante 1978 MGB, 1977 Jaguar XJ-6L
The Central Coast British Car Club (CA) Ventura, CA info:

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