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Re: remove windshield

To: Oliver <>
Subject: Re: remove windshield
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 12:52:43 -0600
I can't give step by step, although I have done this before.  What I can 
say is this - I complain about how much time it takes to adjust the 
valves on my Porsche - it's about 6 hours of work - and by far the worst 
job I've had to do is replacing my windshield on my MGB.  I figured 24 
hours of tedious work when I did that.  What I do remember doing is this 
- remove the rear view mirror rod, drop the dashboard, remove the 
"stantion" bolts on the windshield frame, pull entire windshield 
assembly ( frame, glass, gaskets, etc.), disassemble the frame, remove 
glass and gaskets.  And then, the obvious that takes even longer than 
that - installation is the reverse of removal.

Phil Bates
'67 MGB
'58 MGA

Oliver wrote:

>the water leaks in like crazy under the windshield; i'm hoping the
>windshield gasket itself is ok.
>my question:  the books say lots of different stuff about removing a
>windshield (windscreen), but i've got no pictures and no real definitive
>remove the central bar that holds the rear view mirror.  ok.  which side
>first?  which nuts?
>would anyone mind giving me some step by steps?  i'd really appreciate it!

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