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MGA Brake Reservoirs (tops)

Subject: MGA Brake Reservoirs (tops)
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 10:36:03 EDT
OK, here's a trivia question.
I noticed at a recent car show that the raised top on my 1600 master  
cylinder was a half inch higher than all the other 1600s, except one guy who  
had the same part as me.
So does anyone know what car the 'wrong' part might come from? I can't  think 
of any others models, off hand, that used that bit. I think that things  like 
Bugeyes ran with no high top reservoir.
The extra height makes it a bit difficult to open as it is so close to the  
bonnet surround edge, especially as I use a later knurled platsic cap instead 
of  the metal one.

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