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Re: fuel pump air vent

To: "Marc Siegel" <>, <>
Subject: Re: fuel pump air vent
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 11:30:13 +0100
Late model pumps just had the one vent - from the diaphragm end of the body.
I think this went to a nipple on the right-rear chassis rail or inner wing.
Earlier pumps had two vents, the other one being on the electrical end cap.
This isn't required on rubber bumper cars as the electrical end is in the
boot and vents without a pipe.  The earlier models terminated in two
T-pieces like screen washer items in the front right lower corner of the
boot.  Screen washer tubing is the norm for these vent pipes as it only
carries air and not fuel or even fumes, they are only there to equalise the
pressures during pumping.  There are no *safety* considerations of leaving
the vent unconnected, however it is likely to suck in dirt and moisture like
that which could eventually cause problems for the pump.


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> On the body of the SU fuel pump (late model MGB) is an air-vent, which
> attached to a plastic hose. Does anyone know where this hose is routed?

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