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Re: Midget - Jumpy tach and no power

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: Midget - Jumpy tach and no power
From: "Paul T. Root" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 08:09:54 -0500
Max Heim wrote:
> on 7/3/05 4:22 PM, at wrote:
>>I have a 73 Midget, no pollution   stuff, a very mild cam , electronic
>>ignition, and a weber carb.   Ever since moving to CO from MN I cannot make
>>this car 
>>run. I have tried almost everything. It idles smooth at 1000 rpm but as soon
>>as I put a load on it over 1500 RPM the tach starts jumping all over and the
>>engine misses and struggles to gain power. Any ideas?
>>Dave Stovall
> Ignoring the other symptoms, it occurs to me that your change in altitude
> may require the Weber to be rejetted. I admit this would not explain a jumpy
> tach. I once found a loose connection at the distributor was the cause of a
> similar problem -- can't hurt to check.

Yeah, 5000+ feet (assuming you weren't out on the prairie East of
Denver, etc.) down to 1100 feet of the Twin Cities, I bet you need
rejetting. Oh, wait, you don't say Twin Cities, just Minnesota. Still
we don't get much altitude in this State.

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