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Pow, pow pow

To: MG List <>
Subject: Pow, pow pow
From: "Plant, Keith Contractor (NCTAMS Naples N35)"
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 19:35:04 +0200
I have added a crossflow head and two Weber Side 40D's.  I love the power I
am gettin gout of the engine now, but I only enjoy it after lots of
backfires and under the hood the carbs also seem to release pressure (not
really a backfire sound, more of a pssssst sound over and over around
2000-2800 RPM).  A friend mechanic and I tuned the carbs according to a few
guides we found on the net.  The timing on the vehicle is perfect. We even
took it to a local mechanic (mind you an Italian mechanic so no guarantees)
and he said it looked fine.  What would be causing these
backfires/backpressures?  The Webers are brand new (now about 500 miles on
them).  I'm running cleaner through the fuel system as well as high octane
gas (already tried lower!).  No luck at all. Plugs are clean, almost brand

Just looking for a next logical step.

'69 B Roadster

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