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Windshield Adjustment

Subject: Windshield Adjustment
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 20:39:36 EDT
Success in getting my windshield back in but.... a couple of problems.

First the angle of the windshield and the drivers side door isn't too bad. 
The door closes and no gaps. On the passengers side the door won't close 
the seal is too tight at the vent seal is too tight at the bottom but there's 
nearly a 1/2" gap at the top. The door alignment isn't that bad so adjusting 
the door won't likely close that gap much. Can't figure out why the angle on 
the drivers side is okay and so far off on the passengers side. I thought the 
vent window might give some adjustment but it's as far as it will do. Is there 
some other adjustment of the windshield I'm missing?

Second problem - when all is tightened down, the pillar seals don't have a 
nice tight fit on the body. They're supposed to flatten out but they're barely 
toughing the fender and don't really seal at all. Is it possible that the new 
rubber windshield to frame seal just needs to settle in and then I'll be able 
to pull these down tighter?

As always, any help is appreciated. 

Bob Scardamalia
'63 MGB (on the road next spring after 20 years!)

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